"Anak II Buhr Daka Nol Koern Dasch" C40
Enemata Productions 2014

"No Escape From Eternity" C40

"No Escape From Eternity" CDR

Infirmary "Old Scratch" C62

Infirmary "Untitled"
Lathe 7" 

Infimary- Rotating On A Fiery Axis (digi-release)

Subterranean Drift "Cavernous Underworld" C62
Enemata Productions (Re-issue 2013)

Infirmary- Self Titled C40 (re-issue, re-mastered)

The Diagnostic Dimension Of Axes "IX Candelis" double C62

The Diagnostic Dimension Of Axes "Raven Mocker'' C40
Enemata Productions 2013

"Vacant City" C62

"Periphery and the Sleeping Wolves" CDR

"All Of Your Ghosts" CDR

The Diagnostic Dimension Of Axes
"Operation Of The Invisible Forces" 

"Within The Sanctuary Of The Nucleus" CDR

The Diagnostic Dimension Of Axes 
"Operation Of The Invisible Forces" 
 (CDR, Enemata Productions 2011)

Voice In The Repeating Fire
c25 (Enemata Productions 2011)

Static Geometries of the Darkened Anti-Void 2010
Dark Energy Transfer To The Hidden Skull
cdr (Nihilist/Not A Nihilist 2010, via Enemata Distribution)

Follow The Edges Inward
c30 (Narcolepsia 2010)

LP (SNSE 2010)

"Memory In Fragments"
c25 (self-release 2010)

"Live 2009"
c25 (Beyond The Veil 2010)

c40 (Beyond The Veil 2010)

"Corpselike Tranquility"
c20 (Skeleton Dust 09')

"Path Leads Nowhere"
2x c31 in reel-to-reel box 
(Definitive Circumstances 09')

"Through A Window"
c25 (Beyond The Veil 09')

"From Hell It Came"
1-sided c60 (Beyond The Veil 09')

"Haunter of the Dark" 1-sided c40 (Gaping Hole 08')g
Dedicated to HP Lovecraft using field recordings that I took during a spirit-summoning expedition at the notoriously haunted Bartonville Mental Hospital, now available as streaming audio:

"Room of Nightmares"

"Seducing The Witch"
c30 (Dead Audio 08')

"Recycled Music"
c60 (RRRecords 08')

1-sided c60 (Enemata Productions 08')

"Luke's Wall"
1-sided c40 (Gaping Hole 08')
A tribute to Black Sabbath, sourced from nothing but Sabbath riffs, 
Now available as streaming audio:

"Black Hole Reflection"
c80 (Enemata Productions 08')

Gutter Jesus
"Necro Applesauce Pussy"
1-sided c40 (Gaping Hole 06')
 The 1st tape released on SNSE's Gaping Hole label, now available as streaming audio: